I’m Bobby Bloodfeast – sometimes – a traveler first and foremost, thats how I see myself anyways. Spent a lota miles with Michale Graves, the Independents, Dr. Chud – leearned a lot from ’em all, Ive drank too much, saw the sights, met the faces, made love, caught a glimpse of God, it’s never enough. ALL THE TIRED HORSES is about trying to feel that again as I’m stationary, trying to express my times, my tales, my knowledge – to put in perspective for me, then you – the reader. Songs that touch me, words that set me on fire, it’s all here – my head, my miles. Read my stuff if ya dig that music, or if ya don’t, read it if you like stories, if you’re captivated by the Human Condition. I’m glad to have ya.


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